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Commercial Mold Remediation Service

Water which is referred to as the elixir can also quite prove to be the poison in our lives. Undetected moisture and mildew in your building structure can easily shake the very foundation of the building you own. Moisture is the basic requirement for the growth of molds and molds can be very dangerous to our health and our property. When it is a residential property, we are looking at lives of a family and when it is a commercial property, we are looking at thousands of employees. So be it a residential property or a business structure, we are looking at the risk of many lives dependent on us.

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How Do We Remove Molds?

We execute the mold removal in a phased manner which starts with sealing off the affected area using containment barriers. Once the same is completed, we make use of air scrubbers to remove the particulates circulating in the atmosphere. Most of the molds release spores that spread through air and hence the employment of air scrubbers in the process. Only once the area and its atmosphere has been secured, do we proceed with mold removal.

Mold removal is again carried out in three steps.

  1. Removing any items damaged by molds which cannot be restored and disposing them safely after informing the clients of the same.
  2. Removing items that are salvageable and restoring them using the best cleansing agents and storing them until future use.
  3. Cleaning the area with the right antibacterial solution
  4. Extracting the excess moisture from beneath the surface.
  5. Repairing and reconstruction of the damaged property structures.

Catstrong LLC comprises of a team of experienced experts who can complete any kind of mold removal projects in a day or two and help you return to the normal stage any day.

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Safe And Efficient Service

Whether you are the builder or you are just buying the property, the first step to have a strong and healthy environment is to prevent any form of mold growth. With our professional experts, you will get a service that will first seal off any potential form of food to expedite the mold growth in your building. We check for mold and mildew in every part of the building including interior dry walls, the cabinets, floors, walls, the entire framework and more. We have been providing excellent and efficient service to different kinds of commercial properties including hospitals, banks, financial institutions, public facilities, schools and many other different places.

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Are you suffering from mold and mildew issue at your business place? Then you are suffering from a potential risk to your health. Call up Catstrong LLC for immediate inspection, evaluation and remediation of molds at your business area. Check out, what services we are providing.

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